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Aww Yeah! Servers Ahoy!

Indeedeth, we’ve now got 2 brand spankin’ new servers thanks to Shaddack’s awesome donation to TJoL!

The ips are listed on our Steam profile and website, and we’re already planning some Saturday night CS:GO-ing soon, hope to see you all there ;)

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Dota 2 Key Giveaway

To go into the running to win one of two Dota 2 beta-keys head on over to our Steam Community page and comment! The winners will be drawn on Thursday sometime around mid-day EST

Link: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/feeling_lucky#announcements/detail/1677853202690888042

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Bundle Watch: The Humble THQ Bundle! Saints Row, Metro 2033, Darksiders, and more! Pay what you want and DRM free!

Salutations Jesters, Cartwheels here to tell you about the latest humble bundle. If you’re one of the few TJoL-ers who don’t (yet) know what humble bundles are, here’s how it works:

-Pay what you want (Buying these games seperately would cost about 190$)
-Redeem on Steam, all the games in this bundle
are ready to rock for Windows
through Steam (required).
-DRM free!
-Supports charity!

The Humble Bundle Video

Well this all sounds fine and dandy, but you may be asking “Well Cartwheels, you sexy beast, what games would I get if I were to donate to this so-called ‘Humble Bundle’?” As of the time of writing the bundle includes:

-Saints Row: The Third (if you pay more than the current donation average)
-Metro 2033 (It’s russian!)
-Red Faction: Armageddon
-Company of Heros
-Company of Heros: Opposing Fronts
-Company of Heros: Tales of Valour

That not enough? Well 5 smexy as soundtracks are also included in the bundle. Not to mention humble bundles tend to add more games as they go on, so the final question is, what are you waiting for? The bundle will go on for 12 more days before closing down forever, so be quick!

Humble Bundles are usually compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac, unfortunately this specific bundle is Windows only, and requires steam!
Purchases can be made through PayPal, Amazon Payments, and Google Wallet and support all major credit cards!

As always, the humble bundle can be found at: https://www.humblebundle.com/

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Spiral Knights Guild Hall Expansion Announced !

Spiral Knights develeoper are hoping to release the long awaited guild hall expansion as early as next week! http://ow.ly/f4MFR

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LPW exciting lockdown this week, who shall emerge from the ashes as victor?

Salutations Jesters, just to make it exciting we’re going to lock the LPW thread sometime this week at random, so you want want to get posting, it could be now, it could be tommorrow, and it could be at midnight. Just to clarify whoever posts last wins, what you ask? The title of LPW Round 3 Champion of course, the most prestigious title attainable by mortals. Have fun!

Note to WordPress readers, our forums can be found on our Steam page under the “Discussions” tab, posting on our forums requires an account on Steam, usage of the Steam client is not needed. 

Feeling as though Cartwheels has a sadistic side to him?


Cap0bvious has resigned from his Admin roles.

Cap0bvious has resigned from Administrative roles in TJoL, he will still be part of TJoL and hopes to work on some freelance projects assisting us in video edited and graphic design to help us with our upcoming YouTube project. We here at TJoL would like to thank Cap0bvious for his hardwork and general awesomeness. Cap has managed many of our previous forums and has assisted in every aspect of TJoL’s growth as a community and a philosophy.

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Minecraft Server Update: Tekkit

Salutations Jesters, news update here, we’ve now confirmed and made the descision to convert the server to Tekkit. We’re currently finilazing the uploads and configuration and it should be available to you all in one or two days. We’ll be installing Essentials, CoreProtect, and GroupManager. We’re going to be very strict towards acts of griefing, breaking any of the rules will see you banned indefinately. That said, we want to create a friendly community where everyone can trust each other, we’re not asking everyone to be best friends, but respect to others will be mandatory. Therefore, we’re going to be whitelisting the server, so anyone who would like to join may ask on the forums once we set up the application forum. Our ulitmate goal is to ensure that no one is restricted from using possible griefing tools for other purposes because everyone would trust each other. Anyways, we may be posting more information on the server. The IP is on our Steam profile but the server (as of posting) is currently down, and will be down for a while.

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